My best advice is to live life as normally as you can. Here are some things I do to make me stay sane, which in turn helps me feel calm and keep a positive outlook.

* Make sure to get some sunlight on your skin and go for a walk around the block (or as far as you can). Vitamin D (which you can get as a supplement from the supermarket or pharmacy) is very important for us, as well as moving our bodies

* Work out at home. I love the LesMillsOnDemand streaming program which I can do whenever I want from the comfort of my own home. I love the sh´bam and body combat classes! (No equipment needed.) There are many pros with working out, such as releasing endorphins which makes you feel happy. Exercising make your brain younger and happier, as well as your body.

* Sage your home and/or light incense or candles. Sage can clean your home from negative energies

* Take a warm bath if you have a bathtub or a nice shower. Feel free to combine this with a home spa ritual. I use a hair mask, body scrub, and a face mask once a week to pamper myself

* Tap! Look at EFT videos on Youtube, especially on how to deal with anxiety (or whatever feeling might be bringing you down at the moment). There are even videos on how to boost the immune system and it doesn´t take many minutes to do, and you´ll feel better after (even though it might feel strange the first few times you do it if you are not used to it)

* Watch funny videos, movies, and documentaries! This is the time for Netflix and chill! (Or why not dive into Gaia, HBO or Amazon Prime)

* Get inspired by online learning. I love online courses and have more than 30 (!) courses waiting for me at Udemy. They often have cheap offers and I love the personal development ones. Skillshare offers the 2 first months for free and there are lots of other online learning platforms available for cheap learning from home, so dive into some new things you always wanted to learn but did not have time for before

* Learn a new language

* Or, why not share your knowledge with the world and create an online course? This might also give you a good passive income once you have finished it

* Make a vision board filled with all the dreams you would like to achieve

* Make a scrapbook with ”real” photos in a physical album/notebook or on your computer

* Clean and declutter your apartment and wardrobe (as a bonus this might open up for more abundance flowing into your life!)

* Declutter your desktop and go through old photos, documents, etc on your computer – is there anything unnecessary you can delete?

* If you miss traveling, watch travel movies and documentaries, and plan where you´d love to go and what to do when you can travel again

* Write letters to your friends and family and share some extra love

* Start a blog or write your thoughts and dreams in a diary

* Call someone you haven´t talked to in a while

* Write a book (that´s what I am doing and it is so much fun!)

* Start to paint or use an adult coloring book

* Fix the things at home that always makes you annoyed about not having fixed yet

* Start writing in a gratitude journal, where you write down everything you are grateful for

* Think of new jobs you can do from home and apply for them

* Listen to inspiring podcasts

* Write a song

* Actively look for positive news and share them on social media. There are lots of people who need more positivity in their lives now and who needs to hear YOUR words to feel better

* Also, distance yourself from negative news, media and negative friends at the moment. Also, start the day with meditation rather than browsing the latest Facebook feed

* Learn how to meditate, or listen to a guided meditation (there are heaps of free ones online)

* Practice mindfulness and observe everything around you, without any judgment

* Brainstorm ideas for starting (or expanding) your own business

* Connect with your closest family, talk about your day, your dreams and vision, play board games or video games (I love Mario Cart!), etc.

* Research Law of attraction and Law of vibration, and learn how to make your dreams come true and vibrate on a higher frequency

* Help someone somehow – maybe offer a free coaching session, help an older neighbor buying food or support the local business with getting take away/home delivery for dinner

* If you feel worried, imagine a white healing light or bubble surrounding you and your loved ones wherever you are, which makes you safe

* Just breathe. Count to five when you breathe in, hold your breath for 2 seconds and count to another five when you breathe out This too will pass soon enough. Lots of love

Written by Tina Bergqvist

"Faith over fear,..." - someone wrote. It caught my attention in the midst of worry and panic, that this pandemic is causing. During this sensitive time that we're living in, I have to admit that it's been really hard for me to grasp my emotions. I've been contemplating back and forth what to say about it all. But if there's one thing that I'm certain about, it is that I want to share hope and inspiration with you all. As a human race, we should all take responsibility and isolate ourselves, if that helps the spread. I also think it's important that we stay connected with each other as much as possible and don't let fear control and take over our minds to make drastic and selfish decisions. Make this quarantine time an opportunity to take care of yourself, to be creative and to become the best version of yourself. Fear does weaken the immune system. While it may be difficult to stay strong in situations like these, which we've never experienced in our lives before, I choose to have faith that this shall pass and that it'll even make us more mindful of what is actually important to us.

With that said, I'd like to share some things that help me stay at peace. These are my own strategies that work for me, and I encourage you to comment and share what works for you because you never know who you might actually help by sharing your thoughts. Remember, we're all in this together!

Create a clean and harmonic space for yourself

It's very important for me to keep it nice and clean around me, especially if I'm going to stay at home now more than ever! For those reasons I've been deep cleaning and getting rid of things that I no longer find useful in my life. I also love having plants around me - they're beautiful to look at, they clean the air, and they're also proven to reduce stress.

Light candles and incense

I'm a candle hoarder! I've been collecting them for as long as I've lived in California. I love candles that are pretty and that smell good. Incense is something that I discovered more in recent years. There's something about certain smells that takes me back to memories, especially memories back in The Gambia when we'd sit by the bonfires at night, telling stories. Smells basically comforts me, especially in today's day and time.


We all have different things that make us laugh. I believe it's true that laughter is the best form of medicine. What helps me laugh are comedies, funny memes, animal videos, and looking at old pictures. Being a photographer, I've captured many photos from trips around the world in laughing moments.

Talk to friends and loved ones

Being able to talk to someone is essential, someone that you feel will not judge you. Just having someone listening to you can help. And if you find it hard to talk to someone, writing is another good option. It will clear your thoughts and help you process things easier, at least it does to me.

Blessings your way

EIC, Amina

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So, one thing that I have been doing in a time like this is, first and foremost, staying as calm as possible.

Now we can meditate, journal our fears, thoughts, and concerns. We can learn to do something new, read a book, go for a walk (maintaining our distance). We can learn to sit with ourselves and relax when life and work impeded us from doing that. We can sleep for 12 hours!! Call the friends you've forgotten to call because you were too busy, and catch up on life. You can even take fun online quizzes that test your knowledge and remind you how much you don't really know, but can learn. Or, what about learning cooking recipes, gardening, or arts and crafts. You could start writing that book you've been meaning to write for a while now, but had every excuse in the book why you hadn't (no pun intended).

But, the most important thing to remember to do is connect with those you live with. Most importantly if you have a spouse and or children. We get so caught up in our routine that we fail to stop and really connect with those who truly matter the most.

I personally have been journaling, meditating, working out from home, going for jogs, cooking more, spending a lot more quality time with my husband, watching my favorite TV Series, grocery shopping but very limited, I'm calling friends and talking for hours, reading articles to stay informed about the virus, sleeping in, and trying to remain as relaxed as possible. I know that this is a serious situation, but worrying myself to death about it, is not going to help me or anyone. "It is what it is and it's not what it's not, and everything is the way it's supposed to be."

Written by

Beatriz Herman