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Sidney Rogers



And you played Vivica Fox's daughter. What was it like to play against her ?

It was such an amazing opportunity working alongside her! She has taught me a lot both on screen and off; she's extremely inspirational!


Did she give you any good advice on acting or within the movie industry ?

Most definitely but I think the greatest take away I gathered from her is to be unapologetically you - no matter what. To be genuine....and that will not only come across within your acting, but it will also open doors outside of the industry as well.


What's next for Sidney ? 

I have a couple of projects in the works as well as creating my own content. I'll keep you posted!

Sidney Rogers

What's your background ? 

I was born and raised in Virginia and started acting when I was four years old - mainly starring in commercials. Now, I live in Los Angeles, California and am continuing my acting career; now expanding to TV and film.


How long have you been in LA ?

I've lived in LA for four years now.


You were recently seen in the Lifetime movie "The Wrong Cruise". Tell us about the movie and your role;

Yes! The movie is about a mother, Claire, (played by Vivica A. Fox) and daughter, Sky, (played by myself) embarking on a cruise for some much needed bonding. While enjoying their time, Claire and Sky meet two handsome men (played by Andres Londono and Adrian Quinta) whom take them on wild adventures. It isn't until Claire and Sky de-board the boat for a port excursion when they realize that they've been deceived and now have to fight for their survival. 


In the movie, I play Skylar Tanner, an angsty teen whom recently lost her father. Sky, very much a tomboy, has a hard time connecting with other students as well as her mother, Claire, a girly-girl through and through. When Sky and Claire have to work together to escape their captures, they learn to accept each other's differences and make an effort to be involved more in each other's lives.

Sidney Rogers
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